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Energy & Vitality

Are you in need of a vitality boost.....
Lethargic through lack of exercise?......
Always tired due to excess body weight?....
Stressed and overworked?........
Just need a boost to get through the day?....

Sometimes you may feel you need a good lift.
These products will help to invigorate your senses so that you feel refreshed and new!

ThermoInstant Herbal Beverage 

Lacking in energy? Need to feel revived? Instant Herbal Beverage can help you feel more energised and may help to maintain and improve alertness. Aid mental performance by having a refreshing drink such as Instant Herbal Beverage to help combat the vicious cycle of tiredness and leave you feeling more energised. This great tasting drink only contains around 6 calories per serving. Mix ½ teaspoon (approx 1.7g) with 250ml of hot or cold water. A refreshing drink enjoyed alone or with meals and available in four great tasting and refreshing flavours to suit your taste

100g Instant Herbal Beverage (enough for ± 30 days)

50g Instant Herbal Beverage (enough for ± 15 days)  Flavours - Original, Rasberry, Lemon, Peach
R 236.08

thermo completeThermo Complete®

Need a 'boost'? This advanced formula includes a potent blend of herbs and nutrients designed to support the weight management process. The ingredients work synergistically and naturally to help you feel invigorated and better able to cope with the daily challenges associated with dieting.
More info on Thermo complete.

R 450.71

N.R.G. - Nature's Raw Guarana Tea    

Enjoy these uplifting qualities, captured in our NRG Beverage. Feel the benefit of 100% pure organically grown Guarana. It is easily absorbed by the body and gets to work quickly, providing a slow, sustained release for up to six hours! Guarana seeds contain multiple qhytochemicals, healthful saponins, energising xanthines, regulating tannins. Other maker's of Guarana products frequently add caffeine. With NO-ADDED caffeine*, our product is gentler on your body.
*NRG Beverage contain naturally-occurring caffeine.
For more info on Guarana CLICK HERE

R 184.30


Liftoff® is a unique effervescent energy drink. With its exclusive energising blend of taurine, guarana and caffeine, it will shift your body into high gear!
No added sugar and low in calories!
Contains caffeine to help you stay awake, refreshed and alert.
Helps you stay focused for improved concentration.
Enriched with B-Vitamins for energy production, and Vitamin C.
Convenient, pocket-size packets, ideal for carrying around when you're on the go.
Try both tantalising flavours - Orange and Lemon-Lime

Liftoff - Ignite-Me Orange Flavour (box of 10)
R 287.68
Liftoff -Lemon-Lime Blast Flavour (box of 10)
R 287.68

Cell Activator      

Cell Activator capsules are a source of key B vitamins that can help to convert food to energy. Cell Activator also helps support energy metabolism and production; this is essential whether on a weight management programme or as part of a busy, active or sporty lifestyle. Contains the essential trace mineral copper to support energy production.

B vitamins are essential for energy metabolism and production by helping to release energy from the foods we consume. Because B vitamins are water soluble, they are not stored by the body, so it is important to ensure your body receives the daily required intake either through increased consumption of vitamin B rich foods, or supplementation. This is particularly important if you areon a weight management programme or lead an active or sporty lifestyle.
Take one capsule three times per day. Click HERE for more info

R 268.51

Formula 1 Express Healthy Meal Bar (Box of 7).

Balanced essential nutrients for a complete healthy meal replacement. Soy Protein and plant based carbohydrates for sustained energy and to keep you fuller for longer.
All the nutrients needed with 207kcal. Two flavours: Chocolate chip or Red Berries & Yoghurt.
Low GI. Convenient and portable.
Click here for more info.


*This product is intended for use as part of an energy restricted diet and with other foodstuffs, in conjunction with regular physical activity. Disclaimer: No medical claims of any nature are made or intended in any of the stories submitted. The experiences of the parties concerned are their own personal experiences and the results obtained are due to the body receiving complete and properly absorbed nutrition on a daily basis. No guarantee is given or implied that you will experience the same results, as this depends on your adherence to the program. All nutritional programs are used with a calorie-controlled intake.© Copyright 2002 - 2009 All rights reserved by the Copyright Holder, Coronet, RSA Authorised for use in South Africa only. "The name and address of the promoter is: Herbalife International South Africa Ltd. Stand 17, Janadel Avenue, Riverview Park, Bekker Road Extension, Midrand, Gauteng, 1685, SA. The goods, which are sold under this system, are nutrition and personal care products. Transactions are effected by participants.

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