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Stuart Boliter“I have been using the Formula 1 Sport, Hydrate, Prolong, Rebuild Endurance and Rebuild Strength and have managed to bulk up nicely in a relatively short pace of time but had a really great result with PROLONG in that it helped me to sustain my energy levels throughout the duration of my rugby matches.”

— Stuart Boliter, U19 Currie Cup Rugby 2011

"Two years ago I combined the Herbalife products with Taekwon-Do. I lost 28kg's in 7 months, gained 10kg's of muscle mass and my BMI dropped to 18.8%. Since using the entire Herbalife24 range, I've seen substantial improvement in my endurance, speed and recovery. This has supported me in winning at local & international Taekwon-Do competitions. Thank you Herbalife!"

— Miki Oshua Independent Herbalife Distributor, Gold Medalist (Sparring) and World Champion, ~ 2011 GTF Taekwon-Do World Championships ~


Surfing and hydrateI am a professional surfer and journalist from the South coast of Kwazulu Natal. Tow and big wave surfing have become my two main interests lately as well as being able to travel the world surfing exotic destinations, shooting photos and writing stories. Herbalife enables me to stay surfing, hydrated and ready for the next session again and again - be it shooting photos, or competing in heats, the energy saved in not having to digest an entire meal is imperative if you want to take advantage of every wave, session and opportunity - time and tide awaiteth no man...

- Andrew Lange

Walter PippenThe first 10 km were serious uphill and then a 5 km muddy section along a beautiful dam brought us to the next series of steep climbs as a final punishment before the final speed track through the trees! It was a great feeling coming first in my class - Grand Masters. At my age, (63) one tries to maintain a certain level of fitness and I am convinced that my daily intake of the Herbalife Shake and the Herbalife 24 Prolong during the peak sessions and training and the other ‘Herbalife24 Fit’ products give me a lot of extra energy, stamina and re-generation without draining my body, so I never felt tired after a race or the next day.

Walter Pippan - Grand Masters winner of the Lynford Clover Classic (an exciting 25 km track in the Ixopo district)

I am 70 years of age and love to ski. Having taken the Herbalife products for over 16 years now, I have been able to fully enjoy this sport. Now with Herbalife24 especially 'Prolong' for endurance and 'Hydrate' for ample fluids, I can now ski all day!

— Mark von Senger, Herbalife Independent Distributor

Phil Jones I have been using the Herbalife products for almost 10 years and have been cycling for about 5 years. The products really help with my performance and recovery. I recently took part in the 94.7 Cycle Challenge and shaved 9 minutes off my previous time after using our brand new Sports Nutrition range, Herbalife 24! I love the Formula One Sports Shake for pre-race or training, Prolong for during my rides, Rebuild Endurance for recovery and repair after my rides and the Hydrate drink for everyday. I still use all the other products too eg. Joint Support, Rose Ox, Herbalifeline, Thermo Tea, Fibre and Herb, Multivit, Cell Activator and of course the Meal and Protein Bars!

— Phil Jones, Herbalife Independent Distributor

I've been using the Herbalife products ever since I can remember. Five months ago I started rowing, and in my first regatta (Wemmer Pan Johannesburg), I had the fastest single time of the day with only 3 seconds off the 15 year record. I have started a trying exercise plan and now my recovery time and performance is really showing, thanks to Herbalife 24. In a training race yesterday I beat my rowing partner by 3 boat lengths plus a boat of 8 people. I also posted a time of 3:19 for 1000m online, on a rowing website and it was 6th best time internationally. I use the whole HBL24 range and with this support, I have the best shot at representing South Africa at the Olympics.This is the confidence these HBL24 products give me.

- Benjamin McBride

During 45 year of Karate teaching or competing internationally I have used many nutritional products and approaches. Nothing compares to Herbalife24. At all ages, recovery is critical and within 10 days of using the herbalife24, my faster recovery allowed me to train harder with improved endurance, explosiveness and strength.

Chris Thompson, 8 Dan Karate, KSI World Joint Chief Instructor

Nate Whitman"PROLONG has the right mix of carbs, protein, vitamins and electrolytes to fuel really long, all-day efforts. No bloating. No gassy feeling."

— Nate Whitman, Pro Mountain Bike Athlete, Herbalife24 Beta Program Participant

Townsend Bell"I worked out hard to prepare myself for the racecar. The first time I tried REBUILD ENDURANCE was after a grueling 3.5-hour bike ride. Normally I’d feel sore and sluggish the next day. This time I was surprised to feel fully refreshed and ready to tackle the boxing gym with full strength. REBUILD ENDURANCE is awesome!"

— Townsend Bell, Herbalife Sponsored IndyCar Driver

"As a former Division I volleyball player and now a coach, I understand the importance of hydration during competition. My athletes love HYDRATE to help keep fluid levels up and reduce cramping. It allows them to compete at their highest level – especially over the course of a multi-game tournament."

— Laura H., Herbalife Independent Distributor & Former Division I Volleyball Player

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