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Sports Testimonials ** Weightloss Testimonials

Thys Stoltz - SA Western Provice Rugby Team & now director of Rugby in France. "I experienced an almost immediate energy increase and after three weeks on the products, I moved up 16 places to number 2 in the Squad's test group! I continue to use the products on a daily basis and have my top 35 players using them as well in order to give them the edge that I experienced while still playing." Read more...

ELAINE WATKINS – 1st place Miss Model Fitness Bikini competition 2009. "I never really had a weight problem, but within 3 weeks on the Herbalife products, I lost 15cm and 6% body fat (down to 17%), I also gained lots of energy and vitality! In July 2009 I started to train for the Miss Model Fitness Bikini competition held by WFF (World Fitness Federation). My very first competition (SA Novice) on 22 August 2009 – I came first place!" Read more....


Cara Lee - Triathlete Cape Town.  "..after taking the products for only two weeks I noticed the following changes:
- An increase in energy levels (I did not think this could be possible as I already had loads of energy.) - Decrease of 2% body fat from 14 % to 12% - My acne started to settle. It has now completely gone. I have realised that no other supplementation I had previously been on gave me the results I was looking for. Read More..

Chris Thompson - Karate Shihan 7th Dan KSI Joint World Chief Instructor. These products have been a core reason that for many years now I can travel so extensively and that my body and mind can cope with international teaching, training and a business programme with demands that many people would find very difficult to cope with. The Herbalife Protein drink is very easy to use prior to and post strenuous training sessions. I find it easy to digest and the effective absorption allows me full energy to get through my training session. Read more...

Andy HillAndy Hill - Professional Footballer for Manchester United.
I am totally convinced that these products will help improve the sports performance of any one who uses them. Pre Season in Nevada starts in March and all my players will be using them throughout the season." Read more..


David MasonDavid Mason - Triathlete  The training required must reflect the distances you race hence the importance of high quality nutrition to aid recovery from intensive training which in turn leads to increased performance.  Herbalife enabled me to increase my training volume safely within a short period of time, aid recovery from hard sessions and has ultimately increased my performance. Herbalife Sports Nutrition really is THE BEST!" Read more... 

Socrates Parparinos, Cyprus - Water Polo National Team Captain The first thing that I noticed was the increased energy that I had - It was unbelievable. Water polo is a very tough sport with hours of training on a daily basis. My energy levels went up and my recovery time was astonishing. Read more..


Ernie ShaversErnie Shavers - Double World Heavyweight Contender. "As I look back over my boxing career, my only regret was not having Herbalife nutritional products in my life at that time. I have used a lot of good nutritional products over the years and they have helped, but none of them gave me the energy or can compare to Herbalife nutritional products - they are the best I've ever used in my entire life. Read more ..

Richard Boliter - Western Province U18 Rugby Player. To stand a chance of getting my provincial colours this year I needed to put on 10kg, which I did by following a strict gym program and using the Herbalife range of nutritional products daily. I use the Herbalife products for fueling, refueling, hydration and recovery and I can definitely feel a big difference in sustained energy levels during a game as well as the speed of my recovery afterwards. Read more...

Wayne Larkins, Australia - Professional Basketball Player. "Within two weeks my fans and team members saw an improvement in my performance. Now I'm able to maintain peak physical condition, even through intensive training, basketball games, lots of travel and a very hectic lifestyle!"

Thorsten Nickel - Actor / Martial artist "I'm an actor and martial artist (shotokan Karate-2nd Dan) , trained in boxing and thaiboxing. My biggest movie so far would be the Jackie Chan film 'Thunderbolt' in which I'm the Co-Star, amongst others.  When you get older, recovery times slow down and energy levels seem to drop, but I learned that the right nutrition is half the battle. Herbalife fits right into my programme. Read more.. 

Borge Ousland - "Alone across Antartica.." To beat the elements you have to be in peak physical condition. I've achieved this with the nutritional support provided by regularly using Herbalife products, especially during my intense training periods. They provide an invaluable support on my 2845km, 64-day record making trek across the Antarctica."

Simon Baaij - 1999 Dutch Marathon Championship - Gold Medallist in the age 60-65 category "Coincidentally, the nutritional balance in Herbalife's products turned out to be the exact ratio of protein and carbohydrate recommended for marathon training by my sports physician."


Jeremy West - Double World Kayak Sprint Champion, Experienced Olympic Coach. " I cannot express in these few words, or really believe, how my body has changed with the Herbalife products. As an ex-professional sportsman, national coach and holder of a degree in sports science, I thought I knew all about my body and how to train and optimise it. My strength, endurance and speed have all made huge leaps forward, while my recovery times instantly went through the floor."  Read More..

* Disclaimer: No medical claims of any nature are made or intended in any of the stories submitted. The experiences of the parties concerned are their own personal experiences and the results obtained are due to the body receiving complete and properly absorbed nutrition on a daily basis. No guarantee is given or implied that you will experience the same results, as this depends on your adherence to the program. All nutritional programs are used with a calorie-controlled intake.© Copyright 2007 All rights reserved by the Copyright Holder, Coronet, RSA Authorised for use in South Africa only. "The name and address of the promoter is: Herbalife International South Africa Ltd. Stand 17, Janadel Avenue, Riverview Park, Bekker Road Extension, Midrand, Gauteng, 1685, SA. The goods, which are sold under this system, are nutrition and personal care products. Transactions are effected by participants.

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